Started this guy years ago and never got around to actually finishing it (or getting close thereto). I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore so have this gazing tentacle face I’ve been calling “Applecore.” 

Some alien maggot I drew to lounge around my desktop. He’s adorable enough that I’m calling it done. ^,^ …That and I fukd up the psd file by saving a smaller, layer-less version by accident so there’s that. :|

edit: Wth, added some color.

A morose April feels like a hipster holiday,

quietly tilling the grounds of Spring

and building warmth, in a fog

where only animals can wade.

…For it being National Poetry Month, I felt bad for not having posted/written much in a while, so I slapped this thing on FB quick. XD






the buugeng is a type of s-staff.

to the best of my knowledge, it is used to engage in geometric visual warfare



Here’s the video 

In the dream, I had planned to go to a rave in the city with my sister. Early event goers were allowed entry and were free to hang out in an open common room before the rave started, instead of having to wait in lines outside of the venue. My sister and I made our way through the venue’s entrance and into the common room where about 10 other rave-goers sat in quiet anticipation. No one present said much of anything as attendees slowly shuffled in over time, except for a few muffled conversations between partners on this couch or that. After I had found a couch end to claim for myself, I looked up and saw that my sister was no longer with me. Assuming she was simply locating a bathroom or exploring elsewhere, I lounged comfortably in my seat, surveying the current group. A cute, younger girl sitting on the opposite end of the couch I was on turned, to look me over, before boldly addressing me.

                “So you’re like, really sexy,” she said casually, drawing out the ‘so’ just subtly enough to indicate a playful fear, that was easy enough to throw under the bus. “Would you want to dance with me?” She said warmly. I could tell she wasn’t trying to stifle any sentiments of dominance or aggression as far as I was concerned. Her abruptness caught me off guard, and for it being a dream, I think some part of her could tell. As I gave my reply, it felt as I thought it should; as if she could read what I was about to think - she barely grinned, and slowly wove her fingers through and around mine while we sat, until our palms rested within one another’s. It was getting hard for her to hold back her smile, and so I met her with reassuring reciprocity.

                “Well,” I started, “No one’s asked me that in quite a while. I’d love to.” I could tell she felt as content as I, even as others in the room watched us vicariously, from the corners of green eyes. I held her hand with tenderness - clutching onto every honest sentiment started by this new friend - waiting for our turn to rage, and dance, together.

Elbow piece is done! True story: I’m powered by unreal technology…but then again, aren’t we all? ;D  \m/

Just stumbled upon this page…

These photos are absolutely gorgeous.

… I’m probably the easiest person to follow in Tumblrland, considering I only post content like once every few cycles.


just Dyna-scribblin’ out some random alien bust thing for no reason. With all the learning technology stuff that’s been flooding my brain/life lately, cracking open Zbrush was a gigantic breath of fresh air, even if I’m still mediocre at it. XD


Wow…this is just flipping awesome. As a current Learning Technologies Master of Science student, and human being in general, this is definitely some exciting piece of tech. The ability to charter paths wherever we go, or use maps that others have shared to navigate our world with higher levels of depth and precision than any map or remote satellite service can provide is an advantageous undertaking. But such a concept seems almost dwarfed by what an avid imagination could do with the tool. 

Already, the team behind this has outlined several “imagine if..” scenarios that range from the device’s educational use, to the casual, to handicapped markets. “We are physical beings that live in a 3D world. Yet, our mobile devices assume that physical world ends at the boundaries of the screen.

The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.”

From a learning perspective, a device like this could revolutionize all kinds of learning/classroom models. An educator could create an augmented reality game based on their actual classroom. The instructor could fill the room with hidden virtual items, such as vocab words, study tips, extra credit assignments, virtual characters to interact with etc. A beautiful thing to note about this is that any one of those students could be blind, hearing-impaired etc. but still have full access to all those nifty features mentioned previously, without having it negatively impact their learning experience.

From what I gather, if anyone has this device, they could wander around anywhere they wanted, without any fear of getting lost in an unfamiliar location, having to deal with unreliable gps/internet signals, confusing directions etc. That’s just sick.

And then from a gaming standpoint…!!! You could easily turn your immediate physical world into a virtual playground. 

Since it’s still in experimentation and development, I wonder if anyone’s gonna come up with some sort of virtual assistant program. Like a butler-esque virtual character that you could call up and give information to, to be called upon later. Like, I could ask the virtual butler to recite back a note or recording I told them about randomly, months ago, regarding a specific landmark - or possibly a restaurant I thought was good, and noted what I ordered, the price, and how it tasted. Perhaps that’s something I wanted to share with a friend - so I could send them the info I recorded, plus a virtual walk-through of how to get there, or maybe even what the inside of the place looks like. (I guess you don’t really need the butler aspect for that idea to be effective, but I think it’d be cool. Might make the experience more entertaining though, for sure…which, as you know, would increase engagement and interaction. ;]) If I could come up with all those examples on-the-spot, I can only imagine what industry veterans will be doing with the tech. Ohmagawd the future is getting so crazy cool. XD