quick little random z-doodle of a demon/gargoyle guy ‘cause I like evil things and practice etc.

idk some possession graphic I’ve been putzin’ with.

As we drove across the mountain-side, occasional lightning combed through the storm-bled skies above. What we assumed to be thunder, suddenly revealed a more elusive identity to us, in a pulsing flash of electricity. The leathery wings of an enormous dragon reached out from behind the clouds, and spanned the length of the horizon in front of us, though it emerged a considerable distance away. The titanic creature bellowed quietly alongside the storm, despite its berth, and flew up from the valleys around us along the cliffside highway. We watched with awe and hurriedly continued our trek, hopeful that the beast would refrain from considering us as a meal. It weaved through the thick, tumultuous sky, and perched itself on the mountain adjacent our caravan, letting out an earth-trembling roar. It was one of the most breath-takingly magnificent and ominous sights I’ve ever seen.

Went and did a quick sketch of my Asuran engineer, Garlic Toast. The first and only piece of GW2 fanart I currently have, but GT’s psychotic personality is egging me to do more…



A follower just announced to me that one of my artworks, Fissure, has been stolen and sold at Comic Con and through the stall’s corresponding website http://www.girlsandcorpses.com (it has also been modified and they have removed my signature, and of course, none of this was done with my…

This is disgusting and needs to stop…

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Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my art so in return

I’m doing an ~ART GIVEAWAY~  as thanks to all my followers!!

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This video speaks to me on an unparalleled amount of levels.

Well fucking played, Torzelan & OCRemix.

Started this guy years ago and never got around to actually finishing it (or getting close thereto). I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore so have this gazing tentacle face I’ve been calling “Applecore.” 

Some alien maggot I drew to lounge around my desktop. He’s adorable enough that I’m calling it done. ^,^ …That and I fukd up the psd file by saving a smaller, layer-less version by accident so there’s that. :|

edit: Wth, added some color.

A morose April feels like a hipster holiday,

quietly tilling the grounds of Spring

and building warmth, in a fog

where only animals can wade.

…For it being National Poetry Month, I felt bad for not having posted/written much in a while, so I slapped this thing on FB quick. XD






the buugeng is a type of s-staff.

to the best of my knowledge, it is used to engage in geometric visual warfare



Here’s the video 

In the dream, I had planned to go to a rave in the city with my sister. Early event goers were allowed entry and were free to hang out in an open common room before the rave started, instead of having to wait in lines outside of the venue. My sister and I made our way through the venue’s entrance and into the common room where about 10 other rave-goers sat in quiet anticipation. No one present said much of anything as attendees slowly shuffled in over time, except for a few muffled conversations between partners on this couch or that. After I had found a couch end to claim for myself, I looked up and saw that my sister was no longer with me. Assuming she was simply locating a bathroom or exploring elsewhere, I lounged comfortably in my seat, surveying the current group. A cute, younger girl sitting on the opposite end of the couch I was on turned, to look me over, before boldly addressing me.

                “So you’re like, really sexy,” she said casually, drawing out the ‘so’ just subtly enough to indicate a playful fear, that was easy enough to throw under the bus. “Would you want to dance with me?” She said warmly. I could tell she wasn’t trying to stifle any sentiments of dominance or aggression as far as I was concerned. Her abruptness caught me off guard, and for it being a dream, I think some part of her could tell. As I gave my reply, it felt as I thought it should; as if she could read what I was about to think - she barely grinned, and slowly wove her fingers through and around mine while we sat, until our palms rested within one another’s. It was getting hard for her to hold back her smile, and so I met her with reassuring reciprocity.

                “Well,” I started, “No one’s asked me that in quite a while. I’d love to.” I could tell she felt as content as I, even as others in the room watched us vicariously, from the corners of green eyes. I held her hand with tenderness - clutching onto every honest sentiment started by this new friend - waiting for our turn to rage, and dance, together.